Real Estate Links

This section contains information for our valued clients in the areas of Real Estate Services and related resources in Canada.  We invite you to browse through the resource pages.

  3. Alberta Association of Municipal Districts
  4. The MLS system
  5. The Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association
  6. Home and Property Inspectors
  7. Home Builders Association
  8. Institute of Mortgage Brokers/Lenders
  9. Soil and Soil Maps
  10. Water Wells in Alberta
  11. Revenue Canada – GST
  12. Riparian Management for Agriculture
  13. Buying a house with a well and septic system
  14. Water Wells that last generations
  15. National plumbing code of Canada
  16. Private Sewage Disposal Systems Regulation
  17. Real Estate Council
  18. Alberta Land Surveyors Association

Home Improvement

  1. HGTV

International Resources

  1. The Migration Bureau : Visa Application Canada The Migration Bureau is an international visa consulting company specializing in obtaining skills, business, and family residence visas for Australia, New Zealand and Canada. You will benefit from the convenience of a complete “one-stop” migration service including professional assistance with residence visa processing, official qualification recognition, business migration, job search and re-settlement.
  2. Migration News – Cost of Living in Canada Description: Migration News is an excellent resource for anyone considering emigrating to Australia, New Zealand or Canada. It provides a wealth of information on each destination as well as details on immigration policy.