Group & Activities

Residents of the Bragg Creek-Redwood Meadows area have access to a wide range of local community groups, events and facilities. There is no shortage of year round programs for children and adults alike. The Bragg Creek and Redwood Meadows Community Associations work closely to offer a selection of recreational programs and social events.

Regardless of your age or interests you will find something to do. The Bragg Creek performing arts group, the Bragg Creek Snowbirds Association, the Junior Forest Wardens, the Bragg Creek Outdoor Hockey Association, Theatre Bragg Creek and the Bragg Creek Tennis Club are but a handful of the active groups here.

Aside from the many dances and concerts that are held at our various facilities which have included the likes of George Canyon, Eric Bibb and Charlie Major, annual events such as Bragg Creek Days, the Banded Peak Challenge and the TsuTina Pow Wow and Rodeo are always popular and well attended.

The Bragg Creek Community Association, the Redwood Community Association and the Bragg Creek Snowbirds each operate their own separate facility. For those activities and services not offered locally such as swimming and libraries, Cochrane, Springbank and Calgary are only 25 minutes away.

There is a strong sense of community here, which means there is no shortage of opportunities to volunteer or become involved. We have several service groups as well as volunteer driven community programs. The small town atmosphere combined with an eclectic populace makes this area truly special.

We would be happy to answer any further questions or provide guidance. Please feel free to contact us at 403-949-3331.