Info For Buyers

Once the decision to purchase a property is made the potential buyer enters into a process that requires a significant investment of time, energy, trust and money. The prudent buyer will recognize that by establishing a game plan at the beginning of the process the odds of a successful deal are greatly improved. The purchase of property involves, depending on the buyer and the property, differing levels of subjective and objective criteria.  What do I want? Where and when do I want it? Can I do it? By realistically addressing these questions the buyer is able to work to clarify their wants, needs and capabilities.

When goals are clarified a systematic search using criteria such as location and price can begin. Seeing potential properties, particularly in areas not local to where the buyer lives can be quite time consuming and frequently frustrating.  By utilizing a local Realtor® buyers can save time and effort by allowing the Realtor® to conduct searches on their behalf.  Although the MLS and magazines are useful tools and play an important role in the process, most buying decisions are made only after the buyer has had the chance to experience the property first hand.

Once a suitable property is located the buyer will enter into negotiation with the seller. Negotiations and agreements vary in their complexity but most importantly, they should be thorough! By addressing any concerns and needs during the negotiating process both the buyer and seller help ensure a smooth transaction. In the process of reaching a deal a variety of reports and opinions can be sought. These include property reports, title searches, home inspections etc… Once all conditions are met and waived the deal can close and the physical and legal transfer of the property can begin.

Financial Considerations

For many people the purchase of property will be the largest financial transaction of their lives. It is of paramount importance that a buyer’s financial abilities and property expectations are compatible. Aside from the extra costs that come into play once the deal closes, financial resources should be available to pay for any immediate repairs, renovations or new equipment that may be needed. It is important that buyers obtain pre approval for a mortgage from a qualified mortgage specialist prior to entering into any serious search.  Aside from financing issues, buyers should also understand the differing tax considerations affecting different types of property. In these cases it is highly recommended the buyer seek out qualified experts.

An often-overlooked financial aspect is the property market itself. The overall economic and political environment can have a dramatic impact on the value of property. Like equities and fixed income instruments, property is an asset and as such the prudent buyer should have an understanding and appreciation of the environment in which he/she is considering buying.

Closing Day

This is the day the transaction is completed and legal and physical ownership of the property is transferred. By developing a game plan with a list of tasks that can be done prior, during and after closing a buyer can help eliminate needless stress and begin their new ownership on the right foot. Assessing needs and capabilities as far as the physical movement of furniture and other possessions is crucial. If not moving yourself, finding the right moving company and service is also tremendously important.  Ask for referrals or assistance from your Realtor® if needed.

Now What?

The buyer now has a new property. It is time to acclimatize in the new home and community.  In many cases there is a steep learning curve associated with a new property.   The buyer’s Realtor® should be able to provide support and follow up service to help the buyer along the curve. Do not underestimate how important this can be especially when making a drastic lifestyle change, be it moving from another country or from urban to rural. The sooner the new owners become comfortable in their new surroundings the more they will enjoy their property.

Why Use A Realtor® To Buy?

Many people are under the impression that Realtors® focus on obtaining listings and selling properties. A growing trend in the industry is to provide ‘buyer brokerage’ services.  By entering into a buyer brokerage service agreement your Realtor® can take the time and make the effort to assist potential buyers clarify their goals and expectations. By investing their time and energy in searching for suitable properties the buyer’s Realtor® can reduce the amount of money and stress spent finding the right property. Realtors® are able to provide practical and meaningful information above and beyond what is readily available.

Once a suitable property is found the buyer’s Realtor® will assist the buyer in the negotiation process. Making sure the negotiation is done in a legal and ethical manner is of the utmost importance to the buyer’s Realtor®.  With the proper support and counsel these complex transactions can be executed swiftly and simply.

After the close a buyer’s Realtor® will continue to assist the buyer with the transition to the new property.  Whether it is a pre possession inspection, a recommendation for a trade or even demonstrating the operation of a well, the buyer’s Realtor® should be with you every step of the process.

By entering into a buyer’s service agreement with a qualified and motivated Realtor® the buyer can be confident that they are receiving professional, honest and individual information and expertise throughout this very important and complex process called purchasing real property.